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At J's Home - Auto - Lawn, we pride ourselves in honest, quality work. Owner Jeremy Wring, takes every job, big or small, seriously and ensures that each project is finished in a timely manner - satisfaction guaranteed. We offer a variety of services at J's, in which each line of work we have experienced hands to guarantee each job is performed in the best way possible. J's is adamant about having healthy customer relationships. Jeremy is at EVERY job, hands on, and making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. When you call J's Home - Auto - Lawn with a question or concern, you speak with Jeremy every time. Our crew is made up of veteran handymen, of which no one is under the age of 25. Each of our crew members have no less than 8 years of experience, and pride themselves in the same, quality work Jeremy based the beginning of this company on. The safety of our staff members and your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we are licensed and insured. Below is a list of some of our specialties.


Thank you for choosing us!

Your Friends at J's Home - Auto - Lawn


We have all the equipment necessary to keep your lawn in tip top shape! Our experienced workers keep the health of your lawn as their top priority. It doesn't matter if your lawn is half an acre or 20 acres, our crew is equipped to get it done in a timely manner, every time. 

From mulch and dirt work, to retaining walls and plant life, we can meet all of your landscaping needs! Not sure how it will turn out? Don't stress! With the newest in innovative design technology, we can take an existing picture of your home and create a perfect 3D image of what your landscape will look like after we have finished!


Using industrial strength washers with multiple attachments, we are able to clean nearly any surface. We have the ability to reach up to 30 feet; perfect for high gables and tall buildings. We pride ourselves in using only environmentally friendly chemicals that will not harm plants, pets or children.

With a state of the art diagnostics machine we are able to determine your car's issue quickly and effectively. We offer basic maintenance such as oil changes and brake pads and many other routine vehicle upkeep procedures.  

With our mulch-on-demand equipment, we can chop up unwanted leaves in a flash, and it is like they were never there! If you have leaves in a tight or hard to get to place we can blow them out with our high powered leaf blowers, no problem.

We have several years of experience in building carports, small buildings, landscape accessories, decks and more! We are also able to perform small electrical and plumbing jobs!

Whether you need junk removed, a new coat of gravel on your driveway, or a hand in moving from one place to another; J's is equipped to meet every hauling need you could possibly possess. We have a variety of trailers ranging from dump trailers for dirt and gravel, to fully enclosed trailers for when the weather is ugly. No matter the load, J's is sure to transport it in the most effective way possible.

Not seeing the service you're in need of ? No need to worry, these are just a small portion of the services we happily provide. Give us a call and ask us about the service you're looking to have provided and we will be sure to either perform it ourselves, or send you in the right direction!